Rod McKuen wrote:   In Someone's Shadow   April 12:  We come into the world alone .....
We go away the same   ..... We're meant to spend the interlude between in closeness,  
Or so we tell ourselves.  But it's a long way from the morning to the evening.   

I was 16 years old when I first  read McKuen,  and remember thinking "How true."  It happens. One
can feel so alone with someone,  then when walking through the world really alone.  One day while
working on my art,  I realized that we are never really alone, even when we think we are.  Thus the
"Angels of the Road" came into being and I share them with you.  All originals are painted on oak
board, all prints are digital reproduced

A night sky, a tree growing from inside a rock,  a loner animal,  an angel among giraffe's, a lion
with a tear in it's eye,  the face of a familiar Saint, all these and much more can turn the heart,  
emit a feeling of warmth and/or comfort, or bring to mind a wonderful memory.  Thus I offer you my
thoughts through art and through consignment, I can also offer you, your thoughts in art.


Spiritual Art, Icons & Fun